A Hero Lives Here

To all those who fought to keep our shores safe,
Quality 1st Basement Systems says ‘Thank you!’

  • Thank you for your service!
  • Thank you for your service!
  • Raising Flags for Local Veterans

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Fred Goger Vietnam
Frederick Sona Vietnam, Purple Heart, Bronze Star, Silver Star
Leonard Worland Special Forces, Vietnam Medic
Manuel Crabel USS Nitro, Desert Storm
Thomas English 101st Airborne, Vietnam

In appreciation of the sacrifices made by American Veterans and active duty members, Quality 1st Basement Systems would like to donate and install a 20' telescoping pole and American Flag to fly proudly above their homes.

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This lasting symbol of patriotism and service to our county will fly high above your home so all will know an American Hero lives here.

This program supplies a flag pole and American flag to Veterans and active duty members. Quality 1st Basement Systems will send out a crew to install the flag pole in the Veteran's front yard. Quality 1st Basement Systems strongly believes that showing gratitude and support to those who served in our armed forces is one of the most important things we can do as a company and as individuals. That's why we created the A Hero Lives Here program.

Service persons are invited to submit their name, address, and proof of service to Quality 1st Basement Systems to be selected for an installation date to receive a flag pole and American flag.

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Program available to NJ residents who own homes in Monmouth County only.
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*This program is available to New Jersey residents who own homes in Monmouth County.